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BEAR Labs is the laboratory test organization within Berkeley Engineering And Research (BEAR), Inc.  Our team of engineers and experts can provide the knowledge and testing you need for your case or investigation project using our fully equipped materials lab and machine shop. A failure analysis can identify the root cause of the component, identify the variable or variables that were responsible for the fracture, identify if the installation, or application caused or contributed to the failure, if the component was manufactured to the blueprint requirements, as well as many more......

New Mechanical and Materials Testing Services

BEAR, Inc. is opening up our internal lab for external services.  We can help you meet your analytical needs.

Specialty Service Areas

After 35 years in business, BEAR has the expertise and equipment you need to solve your most complex material testing problems.  We can do both standard and custom testing.  Contact us for a free consultation!


Identify root cause and failure modes. Trace the source of failure with the help of state-of the-art equipment and guidance from top Failure Analysis experts.


Analyze metallic materials and evaluate hardness, microstructure, composition and  material properties.  We also handle corrosion analysis. 


We have test setups that can meet both traditional standards and your custom needs.  Our facilities allow for flexibility, like high loads and drop heights. 

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