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Failure Analysis (FA)

Conducting a thorough failure analysis  is crucial to determining the root cause of an issue, and when done correctly, does not unnecessarily destroy or compromise important evidence.  With the correct equipment and decades of experience between the engineers at BEAR, Inc., we can help you get to the heart of any mechanical failure and determine liability. 

The FA Process

What is the failure analysis process?  To oversimplify, it's a structured means by which to investigate evidence and narrow down sources of failure.  Generally speaking, it's an approach of gathering relevant information, and performing investigations onto the failed part or system, starting with non-destructive means, to potentially destructive means. 


A generalized failure analysis flowchart.  Source

BEAR Engineers have used this expertise to determine the root causes of hundreds of failures.  Our experience, in addition to our equipment and facilities allow us to achieve reliable conclusions and are eager to help you in your investigations. 

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