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Material Test & Failure Analysis Experts

While BEAR's main business is in providing Expert Witness Services,  we decided in 2020 to open up our lab for R&D and external projects.  We have spent the past few decades in operation building out our lab and we are excited to be able to share our resources and expertise with a wider range of customers. Our experts can tell you why parts fail, and offer recommendations, from household appliances, auto brake failure to pipeline corrosion. We have performed thousands of failure analysis serving clients from a wide range of industries and have extensive knowledge of:

  • Corrosion Failure and Stress Corrosion Cracking           

  • Environmentally Assisted Cracking (EAC)

  • Fractography

  • Fatigue

  • Ductile/Brittle Failures

  • Chemical Attack

  • Fracture Evaluation

  • Metallurgical Analysis

  • Mechanical Testing

  • Non-metallic Testing

  • Weld Testing

  • Machine Shop Services

  • Product Testing Services

  • Plating & Coating Analysis

  • Litigation Support Services

Our services have proven invaluable and we are known for being true experts in our field.  Not only are our engineers well-published and certified, but also known for being hands-on with testing. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and integrity of engineering, and this includes understanding our technology and equipment inside and out. These services can help you identify flaws and impurities, determine material characteristics and much more. To see how our services address the unique needs, please contact us directly about how we can assist you.

Our Team

Glen Headshot 2020.jpg
Request a Quote or Free Consultation

We are committed to making sure we can provide you with the best services possible.  Request a quote from us directly, or call or email us to set up a free consultation. 

Dr. Glen Stevick, Ph.D. P.E.


Glen started Berkeley Engineering and Research almost 35 years ago and has led the industry with his work on some of the biggest cases of the past couple decades, including retrofitting the Gold Gate Bridge, Deepwater Horizon, and the San Bruno Pipeline Explosion. 

Dr. David Rondinone Ph.D., PE

Dave joined BEAR in 1993 and provides specialty expertise in Design and Failure Analysis, Engineering Research, Fracture Analysis, Fitness-For-Service Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Accident Reconstruction and Crashworthiness, and Mechanical Testing.

Weili Cheng, Ph.D.


Dr. Cheng has over 30 years of experience in stress analysis and stress distribution, crack propagation and experimental methods for measurement of residual axial stresses in vessels ranging from thin-walled cylinders, to omega shaped ring welds. 

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