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Available Lab Services & Equipment

BEAR provides a comprehensive range of testing, analysis and engineering experience to improve products and increase our client’s success.  Contact us for a quote or a free consultation. 

  • Up to 300,000X magnification to see the smallest of surface details. 

  • Low vacuum mode for non-conductive materials

  • Elemental analysis and mapping

  • Oxford Instruments EDS
  • Test most materials, from polymers to metals

  • HRB, HRC, Vicker's and Knoop

  • Shore A

  • Stereo microscope up to 45X

  • Keyence Digital Microscope with 3D mapping, image stitching, video, and up to 5,000X

  • Capacity testing

  • Max Current Rating

  • Automated charge/discharge cycle test

  • Full machine shop to best section or build parts. 

  • Mounting, Polishing for grain structure observation, etch prep, hardness testing prep, or other applications

  • Leco SS-1000 Grinder/Polisher

Weld Evaluation
Other Services
Contaminant Investigations
Full Machine Shop Services
3D and X-Ray  Scanning
Corrosion Analysis
3D Printing Services
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